Ferratek aka Arne Van Doren (label owner warromaja records), born in Venezuela, is a 30 year old DJ / Producer who started mixing when he was 17. Ferratek moved to Belgium at the age of 1 year old, where he currently lives. He was first inspired by frenchcore and hard tek, but later discovered goa trance and he was instantly hooked. Before producing he played the piano and the guitar and has a more clasically-influenced background. His favorite artists include Paralocks, Bombax, Terranoise, Highkosmos, and Insector. Ferratek mainly produces dark and hitek and chill-out, but he also experiments with other psychedelic music styles, like Fullon, Core, and Ambient ... He wants to bring people into a mind blowing uplifting trance with a lot of melodic music and fast paced beats.