Dyded - Age Of Simulacra EP

Our life reached a turning-point. Every aspect of our humanity is more and more digitalized. Even our everyday human experieces are limited to a rising virtual form. With this to function socially, there is an increasing degree of repetition in ordinary activities, old habits become overridden. Digital platforms emerge to cross the distance between souls and provide some substitution to real, but the representations encountered remain digital, while lacking essence. In an age suffering from perceptional judgements, everything becomes a copy of something other, what once was original becomes trivial, change turns into simulation. Welcome to the Age of Simulacra!
01 Dyfed - Intro
02 Dyfed - Prologue 167 bpm
03 Dyfed - Pain Is God 182 bpm
04 Dyfed - Overdose 187 bpm
05 Dyfed - Subtraction 194 bpm


releases March 5, 2021

8,00 €